HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Es la pesada de Montse que le da por marcharse.

Huston, tenemos un problemiya.

What do you…

Huston, we have got a problem.

We do not detect any problem at all.

Es la pesada de Montse, que la da por marcharse.

Excuse me?

It is always the same. Our collegue, Montse, she wants to leave.

To leave? Where?

I dónt know. She wants to go outside.

Well, this is not a problem.

Yes, it is a big problem, she wants to go outside definitely. She wants to leave us.

I can not understand you.

¡Serás tonto, tronco! She wants to leave, go away, leave the spacecraft.

But this is crazy. There is nothing outside.

Pues anda que no se la hemos dicho de veces.

I do not understand you. There is some sort of communication problem.

Montse says it is no matter what she is going to find outside. And she hopes to find many friends there.

But she is going to die! Please tell her she will die.

Que no, que no que no hace caso de nadie, que se abre y punto ¡joder!

Oh this fucking communications!

I say Montse wants to go out. That is all.

But Mouse is completely crazy.

That is what I think.

Let her read the Borrell’s book.

She is not in the mood to read.

Well, tell her that this is not legal.

¿Eso es todo lo que se te ocurre, tronco?


Do you want to speak with her?

Ok. I will speak with Mouse but not about this ilegal topic.

¡Mecau en el inmovilismo de Huston!

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